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Step 1

Upload your picture. Smile Big!


Step 1: Click the zoom button if it is available.

Step 2: Use the arrows to position your face within the guide.

Step 3. Lock in the image position.

Got it

Lock in the image position.

lock position

Select the type of braces you want to apply.

Got it

Click on a bracket to pick it up, then click on the smile to place it. Placed brackets may be picked up and repositioned. For the best look add at least 4 brackets to your top teeth.

Got it

Placed brackets are: too small too large

Done Clear All Start Over

Click the desired colored circle, then the bracket or select apply to all.

Got it Apply to All Finish

Save your picture and share it with your friends and orthodontist. Just right click or tap and select Save Image. More sharing options coming soon!

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